Management System
Centralize all the purchasing department
processes into one application.

Management System

Many companies nowadays complain on the unexplainable slow movement of their procurement despite their extensive effort to make it productive and profitable. Only to realize that the flaw is just right in front of them—the tedious, chaotic, and agonizing manual procurement processes.

Some of the problems that are borne out of this obsolete system include poor handling of the voluminous files, misplaced documents, missed discounts, unmanaged costs, snail-paced approval cycles, vendor problems, and possible outright theft, the list goes on. These lurking problems are ready to quash the potential of your business if you do not get out from this vicious cycle.

This is where we come in, to ensure that you only get the best out of your business. We help you run your purchasing department with much efficiency and let you have a better control of your purchasing procedures by digitizing your procurement management processes.

Code88 introduces its in-house procurement management system (ProcMS) that will centralize all the purchasing department processes into one application. ProcMS automates the following: purchase request, purchase order, approval of requests, inventories, and registration of the delivery of an item or services. The system also helps you in various ways such as to find and store reliable suppliers to its database, assess purchase requests and orders, review vendors, facilitate payments, manage users and archiving voluminous files. This is all to make your purchasing transactions smoothly running for an optimized profit.


All-in-one procurement

ProcMS does everything from creation of purchase requests to purchase order and finally, delivery. It can also assist you with multi-level management through defining and restricting user roles, real-time status update and approvals, managing inventories and easy access to reports and data.

Friendly interface

ProcMS is specially designed to be accessed with much comfort and ease so its navigation is straight simple to its users. All major links and features are designed to be easily accessible for desktop and mobile view. Also, its responsive web design lets the users optimize the ProcMS experience using their different devices. Reviewing and approving requests become a breeze to its users.

Inventory management

The systems comes with a built-in inventory management feature. You can easily manage all your inventories for your business from your office(s) to warehouse(s). Tracking products, tools, and assets are fast and easy.

Built-in communication

Communication is vital in this kind platform. Hence, ProcMS comes with an instant messaging feature that can be utilized by its users within your organization.

Data driven

ProcMS systematically keeps all your files for a faster access which can be easily retrieved for building accurate and timely reports. It can also serve as an analysis basis when assessing, orders, budget and vendors.

General Ledger — Tracks and stores your most current budget data to give you an easy access of your actual financial statements.

Reports — All procurement transactions are stored real-time and easily searchable in its database.

Vendor Management — Keeps record of your existing, retired, potential suppliers.


All your procurement needs can be done in the ProcMS Platform. The procurement process starts by creating a process request (PR). The PR gets approved and converted into purchase order (PO). After the PO is approved, it is sent to the vendor, placing the order. Closing the PO is the last step in the procurement process. The PO can only be closed, when they have registered the following: delivery of the items, the receipt of the invoice, and the payment of the invoice. All these, in one system.


The diagram illustrates the whole procurement management system. To achieve maximum output and optimize service capacity, ProcMS has its dedicated Admin platform to manage tasks that support the entire procurement process. As shown on the left, the ProcMS operates in those 3 major processes – purchase request, purchase order, and registering invoice. Each process is further broken down into more detailed processes. Purchase Request undergoes various processes from creating, editing, to deleting, approval, among others. Purchase Order, from approving to un-voiding. Invoice, from registering the receipt of PO to registering PO invoice payment. Equally important is the Admin hub, found on the right side of the diagram, which does the management processes from generating reports, assessing vendor, managing user account and roles, to the delivery of items. Although, in essence, it is the Admin which serves as the virtual back office of your company that helps you manage your ProcMS software to ensure that the system or procedures reached its maximum service capacity.